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We live in a thirsty world. Thirsty for truth, for life, for love. Much of what we read, watch and listen to today offers brief, fleeting distraction but leaves us thirsting within. Quench is different. The books, films, music and gifts we sell offer real, lasting satisfaction of that thirst by helping us experience, grow and share in a real, relevant and life-changing relationship with Jesus.

At Quench we are inclusive (Jesus didn't only preach in the Synagogue), so have adopted a modern, contemporary look and feel that can hold its own in any High street. We want to be a lamp-stand in the retail world, offering all who enter our shops a warm welcome, excellent service and a dynamic product range. Why not pop into your local branch, even if just to say hello?



We'd love each Quench shop to become a hub for the local Christian community, a place to pop in for a browse and a chat, see what's new, share church news and meet friends (or even better – bring one along!) Your support is vital to the witness of a vibrant, visible Christian presence in today's tough retail world.