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You Are Love (CD)

Remaining humble despite her overwhelming success, Darlene Zschech is delighted to share her third solo release, You Are Love, with her fans. Reinforcing Darlene’s uncanny ability to boldly declare her faith while tenderly speaking to the hearts of the masses, You Are Love is the proclamation of God’s unwavering love for us, and our struggle to accept that gift freely. 

With honest lyrical truths and simmering melodies, Darlene encourages everyone to rest in the arms of a capable God who is the perfect picture of love to a hurting world. 

Track Listing: 
1. Under Grace 
2. Saving Me (Feat. Zoe Z.) 
3. You Are Love 
4. We are Your People 
5. I Will Wait 
6. Beautiful 
7. Hope for Humanity 
8. Faithful 
9. Cry of the Broken 
10. Face to Face (Feat. Barry Southgate) 
11. Under Grace (Bonus Exclusive Australian Mix)

Darlene speaking about the Album

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