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What's in the Bible? Volume 4: Battle for the Promised Land! (DVD)

Join VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer and a boatload of new friends on a groundbreaking journey through the world’s most amazing book, the Bible!

Buck Denver and friends continue their quest to learn about the Bible in number four of the 13 What’s in the Bible? DVDs.

In Battle for the Promised Land!, they visit Old Testament books Joshua, Judges and Ruth.

Battle for the Promised Land! Contains two 25-minute episodes.

"Bringing VeggieTales to life and watching it impact millions of kids while selling more than 50 million videos was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Looking back on my ten years of writing and producing VeggieTales videos, it occurred to me one day that we had spent a decade teaching Christian values, but not actually teaching Christianity. We had taught specific Bible stories, but not the whole Bible itself. Who wrote the Bible? Where did it come from? How do all these separate books fit together to tell one big story?

We hope you can join us as we bring the Bible to life for a new generation of kids, while launching a new series of programs that could end up in living rooms around the world." Phil Vischer
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