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10,000 Reasons The Book: Matt Redman

Millions of people know the song. Now discover what it means to live it out.

10,000 Reasons reveals the stories beyond the well-known church anthem, fusing global worship leader Matt Redman’s own encounters of God with those from believers throughout the ages.

 In just four years, "10,000 Reasons" has become one of the church’s most popular modern worship anthems in times of triumph as well as trial. In this book, Matt Redman connects the dots between singing the song and living the life. In addition to sharing details behind the song’s creation, this book offers stirring stories beyond the song from believers across the globe.. Matt explores the influences and experiences that have taught him how to trust God in all situations—from his own personal trials to stories of hymn writers like John Wesley as well as from current and ancient heroes of our faith. Matt shares from his own story how seasons of both battle and blessing have helped forge him into the worship leader we know today. Find the sound track for your soul and sing to the glory of God like never before

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