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20 Ways To Make Every Day Better: Joyce Meyer

Tired of day-to-day life? The routines, the pressures and responsibilities that grind you down and leave you with no time to simple be? It can leave you feeling 'is there more to life than this?' It can leave you stuck in a cycle of busyness and tiredness.

But there is a way out: a real and practical way.

'20 Ways to Make Every Day Better' is Joyce Meyer's grounded and realistic approach to living a better life. Not content with giving you inspirational thoughts or comforting readings, this book seeks to elicit change now.

Real change from today onwards.

Joyce Meyer is no stranger to a busy life, and the danger it has in trapping your thoughts. She knows it can be an easy cycle to fall into, and her books have helped millions see their lives in a new, meaningful way. By showing a little of what kind of life God wants for those who follow him, Joyce books have used scripture and honest insight to shine light on the day-to-day.

And now, after these many years of experience, she has written this concise and practical guide to a better life.

It is book with steps, strategies, and real ways to adjust your day, and take control of the chaotic cycle.

It is a book of "Simple, practical changes with real results". It seeks to do exactly what it says on the tin, giving you 20 Ways to Make Every Day Better.
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