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Hineni: Here I Am (CD)

11 New Hebrew Worship Songs by Ruth Fazal

Ruth explains, “Since September 2011, I have been living in Jerusalem, Israel. Studying the Hebrew language, and making myself available to play my violin for Holocaust survivors has been my focus since my arrival and so you can imagine how surprised I was when I found myself beginning to write songs in Hebrew! The songs just kept coming! (I find it such a joy to worship the Lord in His language) With the help of my wonderful Hebrew teacher, I was able to prepare these songs, which focus very much on the Father’s heart towards Israel and toward us, and in March 2012 I recorded 11 new worship songs at a recording studio here in Tel Aviv. All the songs are in Hebrew, but there is a brief prayer-introduction in English to each song, to help you understand the content. The CD comes with a booklet containing the translation of all the songs, as well as the transliteration so that you can sing along!”
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