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Everything: Live Worship from Kings Church London (CD)

Everything is the second live worship album from King’s Church London, a large, diverse church that meets on three sites in south-east London.

The album, recorded live on Sunday 1 July 2012, features 12 original worship songs from songwriters based at King’s and it follows the release of their first album “Mercy Giver” in 2009. 

Phil Varley, worship pastor at King's says about the album "The journey towards producing the second worship album at King’s Church London has been a very special one. For a number of years now a group of our team have gone away together for a few days and spent time writing and working on new songs. These have been very rich times and each year we have been excited and humbled by the new songs that have emerged from times together. Personally it has been an enormous joy to watch our worship team grow and emerge, bringing their gifts and creating something special together. It has also been a great privilege to watch the church respond so positively as we have attempted to capture in melody and lyric who we are and what God has called us to as a people. Our great hope is that you will find these songs inspiring and moving – that they will help you bring everything and surrender everything, to the One who is worth everything."

As a taster of the album please feel free to right-click the link below and select Save Target As... to download the song 'All I Want', and share with your friends.

Track Listing
01. You Are Good (Kings Church London)
02. All I Want (Kings Church London)
03. Who Is This? (Kings Church London)
04. Worthy Is The Lamb (Kings Church London)
05. Everything (Kings Church London)
06. I Will Follow (Kings Church London)
07. No Other Name (Kings Church London)
08. We Praise (Kings Church London)
09. None Like You (Kings Church London)
10. Set Apart (Kings Church London)
11. In Every Moment (Kings Church London)
12. This Grateful Heart (Kings Church London)
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