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Brother White (DVD)

If you liked Sister Act you'll just love Brother White.

In this family musical comedy starring David R. White (Jerusalem Countdown, Me Again), Victoria Jackson (Saturday Night Live), Jackee (Sister Sister & 227), Ray Wise (Twin Peaks) and academy Award Nominee Bruce Davidson and Reginald Vel-Johnson (Family Matters, Die Hard), James White & his wife Lily are sent, well demoted, from their rich-white middle-class church in Southern California to an impoverished black church in Atlanta, where Pastor White and his family must fight to save the little faith church from a corrupt banker anxious to foreclose.

This delightfully divine comedy also features a stunning musical cast including BeBe Winans, playing himself, who pull together to create a hilarious musical miracle to save the church.

Running time 88 minutes.

previously £14.99
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