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Vice Verses (CD)

This Grammy Award winning San Diego band first formed in 1996, when Jon Foreman and his brother Tim put the group together with friends from their days at high school. With its play on words, the title of their new album Vice Verses points at its theme: everything has two sides.

"The whole thing is about polarity," says Foreman. "We wanted to write about the polarity of what it means to be human, the lights and darks. I'm always intrigued by the tension that exists between life and death. When making Hello Hurricane, there was a graveyard right by the hotel we were staying at while we were mixing, and I spent a little bit of time there each morning...really Vice Verses started there. This record is as much about loss as it is about what we still have while we're living."--Jon Foreman, Switchfoot

Track Listing: 
1. Afterlife 
2. The Original 
3. The War Inside 
4. Restless 
5. Blinding Light 
6. Selling the News 
7. Thrive 
8. Dark Horses 
9. Souvenirs 
10. Rise Above it 
11. Vice Verses 
12. Where I Belong

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