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Come to the Well (CD)

Come To The Well is an appeal to Christians to let the “living water” of Christ well up in us, overflowing into the relationships we have around us (spouses, parents, children, neighbours, strangers), both inside the church and beyond.

Inspired by the story of Jesus talking to the woman at the well, the title track illuminates the album’s main theme: “She thought she was standing by a well talking to a man, but really she was standing by a hole in the ground and she was talking to the well,” front-man Mark Hall says. “We come to Jesus and we have already got our well. We have already got what we think is going to sustain us and we come to Him to bless our thing so our thing will work even better for us. Jesus isn't a sprinkle. He is life. That’s the central teaching moment of the record.”

Track Listing: 
1. Courageous 
2. City On The Hill 
3. Jesus, Friend of Sinners 
4. Already There 
5. The Well 
6. Spirit Wind 
7. Just Another Birthday 
8. Wedding Day 
9. Angel 
10. My Own Worst Enemy 
11. Face Down 
12. So Far To Find You

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