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The Kingdom (CD)

A missional force. A musical vanguard. An authentic voice. These are just a few phrases that characterize the energy, musicality and compelling artistry flowing from one of today's most beloved worship bands - Starfield.

With the release of their new album, The Kingdom, this award-winning brotherhood is aiming straight for the soul once again, confirming why the accolades accompanying their career to date are so well deserved.

With the momentum of a prolific songwriting catalog behind them ("Rediscover You", "Reign In Us", "Filled With Your Glory"), and the path cut by a visionary new project ahead of them, Starfield is securing its place among the most thoughtful and forward-thinking worship artists of our day.

The Kingdom project reveals the wonder and the wandering so common to the human experience - and so central to Starfield's writing.

Featuring 10 new songs that are designed to stoke the fires of spiritual renewal in the listener, The Kingdom is a vital new addition to their body of worship work - and is about to make its way deep into the heart of the local church.

Track Listing
01. Natural Disaster
02. Burn For You
03. The Kingdom
04. Just Surrender
05. Heart And Flesh
06. I Have Decided
07. All I Want Is You
08. Innocence (And Other Things Lost)
09. Speak Now Jesus
10. Light Of The World

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