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Seeing God as a Perfect Father: Passion City Church Resources (DVD)

Each of us grows up with a common longing and a deep-seated need for a father's blessing. That is...a father's love, support, acceptance, security, and presence in our lives.

Sadly, for many this need is not met, or only partially fulfilled by an earthly dad. Still others not only lack a father's blessing, they have suffered the pain ad mistrust of a relationship gone wrong. As a result, some unknowingly transfer negative perceptions of fathers into their relationships with God.

Yet, God longs to be known as a Perfect Father. Through Jesus Christ this relationship- and the promise of a Perfect Father's Blessing - is available to everyone. Through spiritual birth, we all can see, know, and enjoy God as a Perfect Father.

4 Part DVD Series

1: What You Think About When You Think About God (56:33)
2: Reflection vs. Perfection (54:54)
3: The Father's Song (1:09:11)
4: Growing Up Like Dad (54:06) 

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