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The Hilarious Book of Heavenly Humour

Bestselling jokester Bob Phillips and godly, goodly humour cartoonist Jonny Hawkins team up to take a lighthearted look at church, Bible characters and events, and faith in this collection that offers a bit of humor for those in the pulpit, pews, and anywhere in between. Eve: Adam, do you love me? Adam: Who else? Question: What caused Abel to feel neglected? Answer: His parents were raising Cain. This collection of jokes, quotes, and cartoons, alphabetized and indexed from Abel to Zacchaeus, will be a favorite resource for those who want to freshen their bulletins, newsletters, speeches, or sermons - or just infuse their earthly days with some good clean fun. It is a rerelease of "The Awesome Book of Heavenly Humour". 

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