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Where Has My Little Girl Gone?

From every angle our daughters are bombarded by messages about looks and sexuality they are too young to understand. Pressure to conform to a thin, "sexy" ideal can lead to self-destructive behaviour, anxiety and low self-esteem. Until now there has been no practical help for parents on how to fight back against the 'Lolita Effect'. Parenting author and mother of two young girls, Tanith Carey, has written the first hands-on guide for parents which will show you how to: Screen out damaging messages about body image and sex from the internet and media Build your daughter's self-esteem so she is strong enough to deal with peer pressure Say the right things at the right time so she is inoculated against the worst influences of the X-rated society Essential advice to help you safeguard your daughter's childhood - so she can grow into the healthy, confident woman she deserves to be.
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