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The Jesus Scandals: Why He Shocked His Contemporaries (And Still Does Today)

If tabloid newspapers had existed during the first century, Jesus would have featured constantly in the headlines. His name was unequivocally linked with scandal of one kind or another. Details of these were recorded by both his friends and his enemies - historical records that are invaluable to us today. They provide insights into Jesus' life and teaching that have been obscured by the centuries and tell us what his contemporaries really thought. It examines issues including Jesus' parentage and accusations of his alcohol abuse and fraudulent miracles; the dubious status of his followers - poorly educated, ex-prostitutes and the certifiably mad; his anti-religious teaching on temple practices, eternal torment, easy divorces and judgement in this life; and his thoughts of suicide, shameful execution and impossible resurrection. Faithful to the biblical text, this carefully researched book can be read as a whole or as stand-alone chapters and provide excellent material for house groups and as discussion starters.
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