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Twelve Unlikely Heroes

Twelve Unlikely Heroes tells the story of a majestic mystery: that God uses weak, foolish and broken people to showcase his power, wisdom and love.

Dr. John MacArthur explores 12 unexpected, ordinary people in the Bible, who begin as sinners and are transformed into heroes of faith:

• Joseph: a slave who save his country and his family
• Miriam: the sister who helped shape one of Israel’s foremost deliverers
• Samson: an uncontrollable man whom God empowered and used
• Jonathan: an heir to a throne he was willing to give up
• Esther: the women God used to spare the Jewish people
• Mark: a coward who was restored and wrote the second gospel
• Onesimus: a runaway slave who became a minister and more

The third book in the twelve series, this book fuses powerful storytelling and Bible teaching that packs a wallop of wisdom. Ideal as a gift for a committed Christian, Twelve Unlikely Heroes reinforces and encourages the reader to understand that their role may not be extraordinary, but it’s just as important. 

John MacArthur, author of many bestsellers that have touched millions of lives, is a pastor at Grace Community Church, the president of Master’s College and Seminary, and president of ‘Grace to You’.
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