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Why did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road?

Brian McLaren offers you an easy way in to this sensitive and vitally important subject... with a joke. But he quickly gets into the all important discussion about Christian Identity in our multi-faith world posing the question we all have to face sooner or later: just how should we interact with our changed and changing world?

Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, many other religions and atheists all make up the human race. With religious tension everywhere, and with some places on the knife’s edge of destruction, it’s hard to know how to interact. Do we fight, belittle and argue? Or accept, ignore and walk by? Or is there a better solution?

Emerging Church proponent and enthusiast, Brain McLaren, offers to shed some light on the issue in his book – ‘Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road?’. With his usual down-to-earth intelligence and conversational writing style, Brian expertly unpacks the issues and lays down a daring manifesto, both accepting and challenging, for the Church to follow.
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