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Biblically based, practical strategies to stabilise your life, church, home, school, government, and business during global turmoil. 

People across the globe sense something big is shaping up. The anxiety is over the fact that they don’t know what. Global collapse? Fiery wars? Worldwide depression? It’s as if the tectonic plates of society and culture are being reshaped right under our feet! Turbulence and change have gone viral, and can only be described as a “globequake.” How can we be stable personally and anchor our families, schools, governments, churches and businesses in the middle of such upheaval? 

People wonder: 

- How can I protect my children from all the thunderous change? 

- Who can I trust for leadership in the pulpit, in the schoolroom, in the courthouse, in the CEO’s office? 

- Where is God in the middle of this upheaval? 

The good news is that behind the anxiety-stirring uncertainties about the future there are wonderful, strong certainties given by the Lord of history Himself! Globequake presents answers to the troubling questions with solid biblical truth on which we can ground our lives when the times are shifting at what seems like light-speed.

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