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Red Moon Rising: The Adventures of Faith...The Power of Prayer

Brilliantly written with pace and poetry, this gutsy true story of the rise of the 24-7 Prayer movement is peppered with miracles and hard times of suffering.

Starting at Cape St Vincent where Pete Greig receives a powerful vision of a coming army of young prayer warriors, it moves on to the eventual formation of prayer rooms and the practice of continual prayer around the world co-ordinated through the worldwide web. Read inspiring stories of people finding a new depth of heartfelt prayer and radical compassion.


1. Electrical Storm 
2. Shifting Culture 
3. Taking Jericho 
4. Wild Goose Chase 
5. Facing Frontiers 
6. We Have Lift-Off 
7. A Prayer Room Explodes 
8. Holy Space 
9. Red Moon Rising 
10. Out of Control 
11. The Vision 
12. God of the Small Places 
13. Signs, Wonders and Red Bull 
14. Pain 
15. Threesixfive 
16. When the Spirit Says ‘Come’ 
17. Ladies and Gentlemen, Church Has Left the Building 
18. The Rainmaker 
19. Third-Millennium Monasteries 
20. In the Beginning . . .

Even Deeper 
24-7 Vision and Values 
A Life in the Week of a 24-7 Prayer Room 
Intimacy and Involvement 
The Laus Perennis – 
24-7 Prayer Through the Ages 
Living in Skin 
Prayer and Mission 
The Moravians 
Young People and the Purposes of God

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