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Punk Munk: New Monasticism and the Ancient Art of Breathing

Fleeing the compromises of the fourth-century church, the Desert Fathers founded monasticism. In reaction to a Christianity they scarcely recognized, these radicals fled to the Egyptian desert to model a different, radical style of discipleship, filled with sacrifice and continual prayer. Who are the new monks, the new punks, the new revolutionaries? The answer lies in an upsurge of small, contemporary 24-7 monastic communities (Boiler Rooms) around the world.

PunkMonk follows the story of Andy Freeman's remarkable journey of discovery which began with the initial explosion of 24-7 prayer rooms in 1999. It explains what 'Boiler Rooms' are, how they arose, and what principles guide their development - not least, the ancient art of 'breathing in' (prayer and worship) and 'breathing out' (acts and words of mercy and compassion).

Our prayer is therefore that PunkMonk might encourage and equip many others to establish their own communities of Christ-centred, mission-minded prayer as centres of blessing both for Jesus himself and for those who do not yet know him - Pete Greig & Andy Freeman.

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