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If God, Then What? Wondering Aloud About Truth, Origins & Redemption

A profound, quirky and amusing take on life's biggest questions.

People encounter truth by sharing stories and asking questions. Andrew Wilson asks nine big questions about truth, origins and redemption, and wonders aloud about the possible answers, representing a new fresh way of communicating the gospel.

'A rather impressive young Christian.'
- The Times

'The best book on apologetics that has come from these shores for a decade. It will bring a smile to your face and present numerous eureka moments. And Andrew does it in this mad conversational style.'
- Christianity Magazine *****


‘With a healthy cocktail of amusing anecdotes, this insightful book is an invitation to explore, to disagree with and engage with a conversation about making sense of life.’

- Andy Frost, Director, Share Jesus International

'A remarkably gifted writer and Bible teacher.'

- Wayne Grudem

'Intelligent, witty and disarming, Andrew has delivered a fascinating and engaging account of how we might find answers to the biggest questions of life. Who are we? Where are we going? And how can I get in on the good life? This book is easy to read and hard to put down. It is powerful, compelling stuff.'

- David Stroud, Newfrontiers UK

'Don’t buy a single copy of this book! Buy several, then give away copies to friends or contacts who are wrestling with the really big questions about the meaning and purpose of life ... Andrew Wilson manages to dig deeply while using a light touch. He has produced a real page-turner that will surely be a huge help to many who read it.'

- John Blanchard, author and apologist

'A brilliant writer.'

- Bishop Wallace Benn

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