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I am Your Father: What Every Heart Needs to Know

This astonishing landmark book is destined to become a classic. It totally grips the reader, addressing the deepest wounds of our time. Here is proof that with God, nothing is ever wasted. Greg Haslam, WESTMINSTER CHAPEL, LONDON 

Mark Stibbe is convinced that our society has been deeply damaged by absent, apathetic or abusive fathers. Children without fathers are many times more likely to become both criminals and victims of crime. The church can offer a solution - a healing relationship with our Heavenly Father - but many Christians have been poorly fathered and are still bound by the legacy of this wound. I Am Your Father is designed to help Christians find healing in the perfect Father's love, so that they are then released to bring healing to a fatherless world. Important and profound. Bill Johnson, BETHEL CHURCH, REDDING, CALIFORNIA, USA

A masterpiece of excellent scholarship, heart-moving storytelling and compelling vision. Ed Piorek, AUTHOR AND SPEAKER 


Read this much-needed book carefully, and discover how kind and caring our God really is! John Arnott, CATCH THE FIRE MINISTRIES 

DR MARK STIBBE is the founder and leader of the Father's House Trust, a Christian charity dedicated to bringing the Father's love to the fatherless. represents family. The prodigal has been fully accepted once more and restored to his previous status. Mark argues that many Christians have yet to appropriate their forgiveness. 'If we don't, we will be forgiven, yes, but we will not be fully free ...Until we put on the ring, we will always be incomplete. We will be saved and heaven bound, but we will not be everything that we could be, and we will be living life at less than the fully abundant level Jesus intended.'
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