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Diamond Geezers: Tough, Transparent & Trusted

Intense heat and a great deal of pressure can transform carbon into either coal or diamond. Today men are under pressure in many different areas of their lives and the heat is on. Will we crumble under pressure or come up shining? Anthony Delaney provides inspiration and direction on the 6 key areas that challenge all men and show us how to be “Diamond Geezers” instead of “Coal Men”:

- Family

- Finance

- Fitness

- Father 

- Failure 

- Friends

“In no-nonsense, power-packed language, Anthony shows us how ‘coal men’ (who look hard on the outside but crumble under pressure) can shine diamond-bright and become tough yet transparent.” LEONARD SWEET, bestselling author

“Anthony speaks to every man who lives with the tests, conflicts, hopes and desires that crowd our daily lives. He brings an attractive invitation and a serious challenge to find a new way to express authentic masculinity. A great book for a man like me - and probably a man like you!” 

MIKE BREEN, 3DM Global Team leader

“A great book for men that women will want to read first!” J. JOHN, Evangelist and author
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