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The God Artist: The Quest for Supernatural Creative Influence

When our unique gift to be creative is separated from our burning desire to know the Creator, we begin to lose ourselves. We may still have the capacity to create beautiful things, but the source of all creativity becomes distant to us. To become a 'God artist' is to reconnect with the source of our creativity and become a world changer. To be at the forefront of our artistic medium is to bring about influence on a global scale. As creative people we can choose to model ourselves after God - the greatest artist of all. Or we can choose to simply follow the crowd. When we try to emulate what works in our worldly culture we become followers, not leaders - artists who do not disturb the waters, when we should really be people who make waves. In this book Roma Waterman reveals,

- God’s attributes and how to apply them to our own creativity

- What we can learn from the history of the arts to apply today

- How to become more disciplined in our creative life

- How unforgiveness can affect our creativity

- The power of the prophetic in creativity

- How to be a God artist beyond the church walls

224 Pages. 

previously £8.99
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