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Ignite: A Resource for Equipping Leaders of Children's Ministry

Ignite: to subject to fire or intense heat; to set afire; to cause (a fuel) to burn; to heat up or excite; to set in motion.

Tired of working your way through a manual and not really seeing God do anything with your children? Tired of looking for curriculum that has a “spark” about it that will “ignite” your children?

Make your curriculum work for you. Apply the principles in this book and see what God does.

The inspiration for this book began some time ago while I was in Argentina. In conversation with a pastor (about 10,000 feet up in the beautiful Andes mountains!), he was expressing the desire that he had for his church to take children into a different place with God. “But, we have no suitable curriculum,” he said “and the children’s leaders can’t manage without.”I started to think that maybe I should write 
some appropriate curriculum, but decided that accommodating all the age groups and producing enough for a 3-4 year cycle would be a huge job and it would probably never get done. It was then that God gave me the idea of writing a book that would help leaders, in any situation and with any curriculum, to see their sessions ignited by the Spirit and, as a result, children set on fire by the 
Spirit of God to be “God Chasers” and “Nation Shakers”. This is the result.

My prayer is that as you adopt the principles in this book, and as faith and expectation rise, that you will see an explosion of the work of the Spirit of God amongst the children with whom you have contact.
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