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The Josiah Generation: New Dawn, New Rules, New Rulers

The “Joshua Generation” is a term well known to many, describing those currently in their 20s as God’s answer to Generation X. The Joshua Generation’s calling has been to break into new territories for God’s kingdom.

But what of the generation that is following after them? Enter the Josiah Generation…

This book identifies the unique calling and characteristics of the rising generation. Olly Goldenberg points to a growing revolution in children’s ministry, where children are not seen merely as the potential leaders of the Church of tomorrow, but as a vital, relevant part of the Church’s ministry now.

Examining the life of Josiah – who became king of Judah while still a boy – and recounting powerful real life testimonies, this book aims to help prepare the Church to expect great things from this rising generation. They have a call on them to do amazing things for God and to shape the culture of revival.

144 Pages. 

previously £7.99
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