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Manifesto: A Blueprint for Missional Church

Nic Harding sets out his manifesto for a 21st Century missional church that will have a profound impact on its community. He calls believers to return to a vibrant brand of Christianity in which the words 'church' and 'mission', and 'word' and 'witness', are inseparable realities.

Manifesto is a distillation of 35 years of church leadership and church planting experience. It is an attempt to identify what it is that makes church 'church', and how groups of committed people can truly impact and transform their communities and nation. This book contains a blueprint of principles and practices that can be applied to any congregation, small or large. It is unashamedly founded in the tradition that believes 'the local church is the hope of the world'. In it Nic recounts his own journey with Frontline Church, Liverpool, which has been the testing ground for many of these ideas, and which for the last 20 years has caught the attention of leaders from across the world.

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