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Living the Lord's Prayer: Unpacking Jesus' Model Prayer

As Christians we find ourselves living in a pluralistic society where many people know little biblical truth. This has not always been the case. Many will remember learning The Lord’s Prayer at school and, to this day, can recite it word for word – the words of Jesus firmly imprinted on their memories. In removing The Lord’s Prayer from our school system’s daily devotions we have lost something vital.

The truth is that the Lord’s Prayer is revolutionary! Contained within it is everything that society needs to connect with the God of the universe who made humanity in His image. It expresses essential truth and, when examined more deeply, gives a revealing insight into the heart and character of God.

David Carr takes us on a journey through this prayer into a deeper intimacy with the God who provides, sustains, protects and guides. In each chapter we meet a Father whose power is unlimited, whose tenderness is deeper than any other, and whose protection is guaranteed – regardless of what life throws at us.

168 pages

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