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A Life of Two Halves

David Carr’s colourful life story is inspiring, challenging and entertaining in equal measure. He takes us on an incredible journey:

•From a young man with chronic phobias and illiterate in his twenties, to a hardened bouncer working in private security

•Through conversion to Christ and on to pioneering a church from scratch that has grown to more than 3,000 members

•Whilst building the church, God healed David of dyslexia and he built a career in the finance industry, managing the affairs of more than 700 of the UK’s top footballers

•To being party to many miracles and supernatural interventions of God - particularly in the area of healing

•To founding the Order of St Leonards, which, though it only began in 2009 has spread through the UK, Eastern Europe and parts of Africa and now numbers many thousands of affiliated churches

Illuminated on the pages of this book, told in David’s typical self-effacing style and laced with Brummie humour, is the truth that God can accomplish much with simple obedience and a willingness to step out and take a risk.

192 pages
previously £8.99
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