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Am I Missing Something?

Christianity through the eyes of a new believer

It’s a weird and puzzling world we enter when we become Christians.

Ruth Roberts, a journalist and media worker who at one time was on the staff of The News of the World, found church completely alien. She shares with us her own experiences in the form of diary excerpts and letters to her father. Entertaining, insightful and poignant, Am I Missing Something? is very honest in revealing the culture clash between Christianity and the secular life. Ruth explores the nature of her new-found belief, and shares her struggles to reconcile many of her own ideas with that of the church, including the issue of homosexuality.

‘Ruth deals with the realities of life and how they affect her journey of faith with refreshing honesty. This is an important read for everyone trying to engage with the world outside the Church and discipling those within.’ Nola Leach, Chief Executive, CARE

Am I Missing Something? (available now) is based on a column which appeared in Christianity magazine, with additional material.

‘This book should carry a health warning. It will make you laugh, cry, and could possibly change your life. Ruth Roberts gives an enjoyable and refreshingly honest account of life as a new Christian in a lively evangelical church. Am I Missing Something isn't down on church. Instead we're encouraged to model the love, healing, acceptance, grace and holiness to which we are called.' Paul Woolley, Executive Director, Bible Society

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