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Being a Child of God (DVD)

"Being a Child of God, Evan's Child" is a content rich and easily implemented children's church resource. Designed for use in both small and large churches or easily adapted to become a captivating family devotional tool. It's a 10 week creative blend of film, activities, prayers and Bible stories.
The essence of the teaching is that God is like a good father. As we come to know him more this will affect who we are and the way we live our lives. It also explores the family themes of getting along with our brothers, sisters and friends as well as the challenge of forgiveness. Each lesson is drawn from the principles raised by the heart warming story of Evan's Child.

Every lesson includes a 5 minute film, Bible story, games, discussion points, ministry guidelines and much more.  
What's in the pack?

A DVD with the 5 min film for each week as well as out-takes.
A CD-Rom with all the teaching material for 7 - 11s, adapted teaching material for 5 - 6s, appendix with scripts.

If you want to see a glimpse of the weekly films then here's a little taster... Olive had a tough start in life, but after being discovered by Truffles, found herself part of an eccentric and loving family. Join her as she slowly but surely comes to know the love of her adoptive father and live in the freedom of Being A Child Of God

Here’s a couple of commendations:

"... full of Biblical truth and heart changing content."
GP Taylor. New York Times Best Selling Author.

"A fun yet winsome, and much needed, teaching tool that effortlessly applies biblical principles in a contemporary and child centred way.  I suspect they have a best seller on their hands and defy any adult to resist buying it for the young people in their lives....  Just brilliant!"
Diane Louise Jordan, Television presenter

"As a Vicar, I am very aware of how hard it is to find good material to enthuse, teach and train young followers of Jesus. But this does exactly that!"
Rev Eric Delve, St Lukes, Maidstone

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