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Between Heaven and The Real World: Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman's new autobiography opens up the highs and lows of a life spent creating powerful worship music, and is an inspiring read for anyone looking for a story of redemption, of loss, hope and finding inspiration to lift your voice to God in praise. No matter what. Between Heaven And The Real World shows you the faith behind the music, and will leave you hopeful of the ways God moves in each and every life.

Just as his music has changed hearts, so too will his life.

From his troublesome family life as a child, right up to losing his 5 year old daughter in a tragic accident, Steven Curtis Chapman writes with searing honesty and insight everything that has happened in his life. Nothing is hidden, regardless how painful or difficult. His personal journey of faith is offered up as a testament to his faith, a declaration of God's faithfulness in everything.

Be moved, and be inspired, by the story of one of the leading worship leaders of today, and discover the humility and complete trust in God that has kept his eyes on God through the extreme highs, and shattering depths.

Discover all that can happen in a single life when you trust in God completely.

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