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Brave: Showing Courage in All Seasons of Life by Debbie Duncan

There are so many stories about people who have stood up to injustice, often at great personal cost; stories of people who have chosen to be brave. We might wish we could be like them, and hope we will be brave if the occasion arises. But we may doubt whether that would really be the case.


In her new book Debbie Duncan brings together Biblical examples of bravery with her own professional nursing experience to look at what it really means to be brave. She shows that bravery is not just engaging in the big fights – it's also found in forgiving others, coping with change and ill health, in becoming a parent, and in living in the face of uncertainty. This book is not just about extraordinary people who challenge world leaders, or take on slavery... It is also about how we can be brave in the everyday, in both small and big circumstances. It will encourage you and spur you on in your journey of faith.

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