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Build Your Kingdom Here: A Rend Collective Mixtape (CD)

  • For fans of foot-stomping, authentic worship

  • This mixtape curates the best of Rend Collective into one shareable package

  • An easier way to listen, this mixtape put together the best of Rend in a new, exciting way

The mixtape is back! Rend Collective, the folk worship group whose homemade praise stirred hearts and stomped feet across the globe, have put together their favourite songs into this, their new mixtape.

Putting together songs from across their journey, from recording in a living room to touring America, this album covers the range of Rend Collective's authentic worship. From the moving Second Chance to the rousing Church-call of Build Your Kingdom Here, this mixtape has the best of the best.

Perfect as a gift for someone who may never have heard of Rend before, or is a fan of upbeat folk rock, there is no better way to share the joy of Rend than this.

01. Praise Like Fireworks
02. My Lighthouse
03. You Are My Vision
04. You Bled
05. More Than Conquerors
06. Faithful
07. Second Chance
08. Build your Kingdom Here
09. Movements
10. Boldly I Approach (The Art Of Celebration)
11. Alabaster
12. Desert Soul
13. Joy
14. Exalt

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