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Missing Jewel: The Worship Movement That Impacted The Nations

From encountering God in house churches to declaring His praise in Stadiums, contemporary worship has transformed the British Church and spread across the world. Les Moir had a front row seat for much of this time. Recording, producing and playing on landmark albums as well as shaping significant songs from 3 generations of worship leaders, including: Matt Redman, Martin Smith, Tim Hughes and Graham Kendrick.

In Missing Jewel he tells this story, using his own experiences and inspiring first-hand accounts of the many musicians, songwriters and Church leaders who found themselves part of a journey that continues to bless and exhilarate new generations of believers.

'We've got to tell the true story to honour those who have played their part. Everything that has happened in the last 50 years, stands on the shoulders of what God has done in previous years. Les interviewed over 50 key worship contributors for this book including people like Matt Redman, Graham Kendrick, Martin Smith, Darlene Zschech, Mike Pilavachi, Tim Hughes, Dave Bilbrough, Chris Bowater, Noel Richards, Brian Doerksen and Stuart Townend.'

Les Moir has played a significant role in the international contemporary worship music community. As a mentor, A&R manager, record producer and bass player, he has encouraged and coached many worship leaders, musicians and songwriters.

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